Premgripp® Trainer Socks

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Premgripp Trainer Socks deliver when it counts, maximising powerful performance whether in the gym, on a run or playing racquet sports.  

Cotton foot available in 2 styles padded or unpadded sole to suit how you play your sport and the comfort level you prefer.


  1. Offset technology to help stimulate the blood circulation from the foot to the leg. 
  2. Integrated technology inside and outside of the foot to enhance your grip. 
  3. Fully elasticated foot giving the perfect moulded sock to foot scenario.
  4. Double density padding to ankle for enhanced protection.
  5. Extended padding in the toe area for further comfort.
  6. Corrugated in the articular area of the foot to prevent creasing
  7. Padded sole for extra comfort


Integrated Grip Technology

A simple concept of sock technology, agility, grip and positive power. 

  • No skin irritation, no allergic reaction (laboratory tested - BSL BIOSERVICE Scientific Laboratories GmbH. Additional independent testing has shown that the material is suitable for contact with sensitive skin.

  • Easily stretchable and smooth elastic recovery 

  • Keeps grip performance and recovers its shape and comfort even after many washes 

  • Gentle & form fitting