Premgripp® Running Socks

Need to maximise your performance? Premgripp® delivers maximum performance to your feet. 

Take your sport seriously then you need to take your feet seriously too. Margins make the difference, Premgripp® will help with that.

Premgripp® is a new generation sock designed and manufactured in Britain with enhanced integration of grip properties to maximise the power transfer when changing direction. Premgripp® will perform time after time, wash after wash, enabling the individual to achieve their full potential. 

Premgripp® is a versatile sock that can be used in many sports categories. Designed to increase the grip between the foot and the sock and the sock and the shoe to increase performance margins. Premgripp® has anti-blister properties and with its fully elasticated foot moulds itself to your feet.

Take your training comfort into competition, we offer a range of crew socks and sock legs for football, rugby and hockey - individual or teams kitted out with the premier league of field sports socks-Premgripp®.

Offset Foot Technology helps to stimulate your nerve endings which are connected to your calf muscles, in turn enhancing the lower leg blood circulation.

Integrated Grip Technology

A simple concept of sock technology, agility, grip and positive power. 

  • No skin irritation, no allergic reaction (laboratory tested - BSL BIOSERVICE Scientific Laboratories GmbH. Additional independent testing has shown that the material is suitable for contact with sensitive skin.

  • Easily stretchable and smooth elastic recovery 

  • Keeps grip performance and recovers its shape and comfort even after many washes 

  • Gentle & form fitting

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