Premgripp® Bowling Socks

Premgripp Bowling Socks
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Premgripp® is a new generation product with enhanced integration of grip properties to maximise the power transfer when changing direction.  

This cricket bowling sock has been specifically designed in conjunction with a number of bowlers who have issues with damaged feet because of the forces endured to the feet at point of ball delivery, remove your feet concerns and focus on the ball itself by wearing Premgripp Bowling Socks.

Premgripp bowling socks designed for bowlers,
its an investment you won't regret

The Premgripp®/Cool Socks Features:

  • Additional padding to toebox to minimise impact of foot plant at delivery
  • Flat toe seam for comfort in toe box
  • Left and right variants to meet fit requirements
  • Offset technology to help stimulate the blood circulation from the foot to the leg.
  • Integrated technology inside and outside of the foot/sock to enhance your grip. 
  • Fully elasticated foot giving the perfect moulded sock to foot scenario.
  • Double density padding to ankle for enhanced protection, for this bowling sock brought to front to soften boot strap impact.
  • Corrugated in the articular area of the foot to prevent creasing.
  • Padded sole for ultimate comfort. 
  • Made and designed in Leicester, England.