The Badger Cricket Sock

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01 | Padded Ankle and Heel Protection

02 | Grip Technology

03 | Padding in the Toe Box

04 | Higher Flat Toe Seam

05 | Padded Micromesh Venting

06 |  Elasticated Leg to Prevent Slippage

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"By way of some feedback, have tried out the badger socks for a couple of training sessions / matches and very impressed. 


Comfortable, durable, plenty of support batting and bowling."


Jamie Banks - 
Easton & Martyr Worthy CC 

This new generation of cricket socks uses grip technology to maximize the contact between foot and boot.

The Badger is a cricket sock for the players, designed by a player, made in Leicestershire.

We play hard, but we play fair, week in week out. Nets in winter in dilapidated leisure centres or community schools across our pleasant land, wistfully dreaming of the lazy, hazy days of summer when we marvel at the delights a club match brings. First XI or the fourths, it doesn’t matter. The game is the pinnacle of the week.

Just because we play fair doesn’t mean we shouldn’t look for our competitive edge because we all want to win. Bowling, batting, fielding, catching even umpiring all need our best intentions and, above all, our best performance possible.  

Small increments of performance can sometimes make the difference, hence The Badger. A new cricket sock for the masses. 

The Badger is a grip sock that provides stability and comfort when out in the field. The grip maintains the foot position in your cricket boot, ensuring maximum power transition when the foot plants when bowling or starting the run for that quick single or change of direction when fielding.

Reinforced flat toe seams, ribbed arch, padded ankle and branded micromesh venting maintain maximum comfort when in the field. This new generation of cricket socks uses grip technology to maximize the contact between foot and boot.  

The Badger means business and will enrich the playing experience. Old or young, the Badger should be your choice of sock attire in the nets or out on the square. 

The socks are designed and made in Leicestershire, in a factory that invests in British technology and pays workers a fair wage, not some sweatshop that takes liberties in the treatment of its staff. We care, and so should you. 

Every time you pull on a pair of socks, make it a trusty Badger. 

You know the old fellow won’t let you down.


Josh Croom Review 

William Pickworth Review